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What can you do if you spouse won't go to mediation?

You wanted to get a divorce but you spouse didn't. You tried to be amicable, and you want to move ahead with the divorce in a calm fashion. Despite your attempts, your spouse completely disregards your attempts to get him or her to go to mediation. In fact, he or she refuses to negotiate at all, and it's drawing out the time your divorce is taking.

Is mediation really helpful during divorce?

Mediation can be a helpful way for you and your spouse to work through important parts of your divorce without having a breakdown in communication. It gives you a chance to negotiate in a less stressful environment than the court itself, so you can focus on what's important.

Why you need to approach your divorce as a business arrangement

Instead of allowing emotions to control your divorce, consider this: If you approach it as a business arrangement, you can negotiate for what's best for your future and get the most out of this hurtful situation. While it can be tempting to sink to a lower level and drag out a divorce out of spite, emotions really do get in the way of making good decisions moving forward.

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