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Don't make these mistakes during your divorce

Divorce can be a long and complicated process. It is also typically very stressful. Due to this combination, it is easy to lose focus and make mistakes that can cost you. For example, your attachment to your home in Winston-Salem may cloud your judgment about whether to keep the house or sell it. In addition, you could make some mistakes that affect you emotionally and even physically.

4 reasons to consider divorce mediation

For some people, divorce means spending months fighting over every last detail in a Winston-Salem courtroom. For others, it is a simpler process, with only a few hours of negotiations and hashing out a handful of details. For example, if your and your husband's decision to split up was mutual, your divorce may not be as contentious as another couple's.

Can mediation turn a contentious divorce into an uncontested one?

It's very common for divorcing couples to disagree on key aspects of a divorce. Issues often crop up around emotional topics like asset division, fault and child custody, support and visitation. You may feel like these issues can't possibly get resolved, and that a messy, court-based divorce is inevitable.

Five reasons why a prenuptial agreement is a good idea

Cupid’s arrow has hit its mark, the world is bright and beautiful, and all you see are hearts and flowers. You’re in love. You can’t imagine anything going wrong. And you just know that you’re going to live together happily ever after. Bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement seems hurtful and unnecessary. But is it?

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