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In the past, divorce had a surprisingly negative social connotation, but the stigma associated with it is not nearly as severe now as it was years ago. While it is true that there can be trauma resulting from the end of a major relationship, divorce can actually be a positive experience for a family.

Once a relationship is no longer healthy and positive, a divorce can offer everyone a fresh start. A couple who can't maintain a healthy relationship while living together may find that they work better as co-parents. Couples may experience better overall satisfaction and quality of life as singles after ending unhappy marriages.

Sometimes, people stay in a marriage out of fear of how the divorce will impact their lives. An uncontested divorce allows the couple to set their own terms and protect their separate interests.

You have the right to set your own divorce terms

Going to court is not the only way to dissolve your marriage. It's possible for both spouses to amicably agree that the marriage is over. In that scenario, couples find mutually agreeable solutions to splitting assets and sharing custody.

Drafting a written agreement and filing for an uncontested divorce may be the easiest way to move on. In an uncontested divorce, your family law attorney can review the terms of your divorce to ensure that they are legal.

In a situation where one spouse takes advantage of another, the courts could intervene. Similarly, if divorcing spouses attempt to waive child support obligations, the court may not permit that. In most other scenarios, divorcing couples have the right to set their own terms instead of waiting for the courts to make decisions on their behalf.

Uncontested divorces are faster and more affordable

Going to court to battle with your ex over possessions or custody arrangements often proves to be incredibly expensive. You will have to pay for the court's time, as well as for the attorney who represents you. While you still want an attorney who can look out for your best interests in an uncontested divorce, the amount of their time required to do that will be much lower than in a litigated divorce. For couples looking to reduce legal expenditures, filing an uncontested divorce is a more frugal option than a contentious court battle.

One of the primary reasons that uncontested divorces are less expensive is that they are faster. Since the courts only have to approve the terms, not hear evidence and set those terms themselves, there may only be a few hearings required to file and finalize a divorce.

Not every couple can reach terms for an uncontested divorce, but many can, especially with the help of mediation. If you think it is possible, you may want to discuss the possibility with your spouse as you look into moving on with your lives.

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