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Divorce can be a long and complicated process. It is also typically very stressful. Due to this combination, it is easy to lose focus and make mistakes that can cost you. For example, your attachment to your home in Winston-Salem may cloud your judgment about whether to keep the house or sell it. In addition, you could make some mistakes that affect you emotionally and even physically.

In order to avoid some of the long-term negative effects of divorce, it is important to stay alert for some of the traps that make your divorce and its aftermath worse than it needs to be. Don't fall into these common pitfalls during your divorce:

Don't make yourself the victim

This might be the easiest trap to fall into but try to avoid playing the blame game. While it might seem easy to lay all of your marriage's problems at the feet of your future ex-husband, the reality is that it is the actions and behaviors of both parties that typically contribute to the end of a relationship.

Keep your children out of the middle

No matter the state of your relationship with your ex, your children still have two parents that they depend on and love. Do not put your children in the middle of your marital conflict by speaking badly about your ex in front of them or using them to carry messages back and forth. If you need to vent about your ex, do so with your therapist or your friends.

Don't mix the asset division with the parenting plan

When it comes time to negotiate who gets what in terms of the marital assets, do not try to work out a parenting plan at the same time. Address the money matters first and come to an agreement on that before you start negotiating custody and a parenting plan.

Check your emotions at the door

In order to have a better chance of receiving a fair settlement, it is important to treat your divorce like a business transaction. In other words, do not let your emotions rule your decision-making process. Instead, focus on what you need in order to start over in the best financial position possible.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to avoid making mistakes that can cost you financially and emotionally. By avoiding the above mistakes, you will have a better chance of coming out of your divorce ready for your new life.

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