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For some people, divorce means spending months fighting over every last detail in a Winston-Salem courtroom. For others, it is a simpler process, with only a few hours of negotiations and hashing out a handful of details. For example, if your and your husband's decision to split up was mutual, your divorce may not be as contentious as another couple's.

If you and future ex-husband are exploring divorce options other than litigation, then mediation might be your best option. Here are a few reasons why you should consider divorce mediation.

Mediation is cheaper

In general, mediation usually costs less than litigating a divorce. Most people pay much less for mediation than they do for litigation. You can avoid excessive court fees and, if you choose to hire an attorney to represent you during the process, you may also end up paying less in lawyer fees.

You maintain control

If you take your divorce to court, you leave many of the decisions in the hands of the judge. By opting for mediation, you maintain more control over the process and the outcome. For example, instead of a judge deciding what marital property you will keep, you and your ex have the opportunity to a fair property division on your own.

Faster resolution

Another perk of choosing mediation is that you can complete the divorce process faster. You will not have to wait for a court date and then suffer from delay after delay as the court sets your divorce hearing further back.

Easier on your children

Mediation is often easier on children, as well as their parents. A child custody hearing usually involves various meetings and interviews between your children and child welfare and development experts, possibly including a therapist. You can save your children from this, generally, traumatic experience by working out custody issues during the mediation process.

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, there are various options available. Divorce mediation may be the right route to take if you wish to avoid a lengthy, expensive and often contentious process.

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