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Many people hear the phrase "amicable divorce" and assume that it would never work for them. Instead, these couples prepare to do battle in court.

While there are times when litigation is the only option, this isn't the path you have to go down. Instead, you and your former spouse may be able to benefit from collaborative divorce.

Simply put, this is when the couple works together, outside of court, to deal with any disputes arising from their divorce. With the help of an attorney, both sides can work through matters related to property division, child custody, child support, alimony and any other details.

There are many benefits of collaborative divorce, including the fact that it puts the couple in charge of making key decisions. This is in contrast to litigation in which a judge is staffed with the responsibility of making decisions related to the divorce.

Also, it's important to note that collaborative divorce is often less expensive and more efficient than litigation. If you're interested in saving money or if you're interested in putting an end to the process sooner rather than later, this may be the best strategy.

There will always be people who feel that an amicable divorce is impossible. However, a growing number of couples are realizing that collaborative divorce is something they should at least consider. As you get involved with this process, you may realize that it is one of the best decisions you could have made.

Don't go into the divorce process looking for a fight. Instead, take the approach that you can split in an amicable fashion.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Amicable Divorce: Not Always an Oxymoron (just ask Ben & Jen)," Nicole Sodoma, April 14, 2017

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