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If you live a distance from your child, visitation can be difficult. One possibility other than placing phone calls is to reach out with virtual visitation. Virtual visitation uses technology like webcams, video phones and other equipment to keep children in touch with their parents visually as well as verbally.

Virtual visitation is also known as electronic or internet visitation. Of course, virtual visitation cannot replace true visitation with your child. However, it is a good technique to supplement visitation with if you cannot see your child regularly due to distance.

Are there benefits to virtual visitation?

There are benefits to virtual visitation as well as drawbacks. First, virtual visitation gives your child more access to you when you aren't together. You can become more involved in your child's life and have a parent-child relationship that is more immersive despite the distance. Some examples of how virtual visitation can help you include being able to help with homework visually and verbally, being able to see a child's facial expressions when you speak and being able to talk on a day-to-day basis about things that happen in your child's life.

Social media is one kind of way you can connect, but using programs like Skype or other video programs help you call and connect directly with your child. Since these programs are also available on smartphones, it's possible that you could virtually visit your child at school events, recitals or other places you otherwise could not go.

Some drawbacks include the potential for a court to rule in favor of your ex moving away with your child because of the addition of virtual visitation. Or, you may see your child less because virtual visitation takes priority. It can be good or bad, but it's definitely something to discuss with your attorney before you agree to it.

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