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If you didn't get a prenuptial agreement before you got married, don't worry. You may still have options to protect your finances and future in case of a divorce. It can be hard to suggest a prenuptial agreement for fear that your future spouse thinks you don't trust him or her, but it's something that can protect you both. Talking about it after marriage is a good idea if you couldn't before.

After you get married, you can enter a postnuptial agreement. You can write down things like how you want to spend your marital funds or who should pay for which debts. You can write in what happens with alimony if you get a divorce and even discuss topics like asset division early on, so you know what happens if you split up.

You might want to consider getting a postnuptial agreement if you have children from a previous marriage. A postnuptial agreement helps keep them in line for any inheritance you want to give them and protects those assets against going to your husband or wife upon divorce. If you include some favorable terms in the postnuptial agreement, it can even signal that you are dedicated to staying in the marriage, because you're willing to give up something your spouse wants if you divorce.

A postnuptial agreement is good for many kinds of situations, and even though talking about money can be difficult, it's important. Your attorney can help you and your spouse work out a postnuptial agreement you agree on, so you can focus on your marriage instead of what happens if it breaks down.

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