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Online privacy is always important. Anyone using facebook, twitter and other social media accounts wants to be sure they know who can and who cannot read their posts and see the pictures and videos they post online.

If security is important for everyone in general, it is particularly important for anyone going through a divorce or preparing for divorce proceedings.

A recent Popular Science article goes through the process of protecting your privacy online step by step. Although most of us simply allow "friends" or "public" to see our posts, the article shows how to create detailed access limitations.

Why is Online Privacy so Important in Divorce?

In divorce proceedings, judges and of course your soon-to-be ex-spouse will be looking at all your social media posts. These posts can hurt almost every aspect of your divorce case, including:

  • Child custody: Photo and video posts of you behaving badly, spending money recklessly or engaging in other immature behavior could be used to establish that you are unfit to be a parent, jeopardizing your child custody bid. Another common mistake involves talking badly about your ex on social media, which can be construed as purposely alienating your children and your ex.
  • Division of assets: If you put up posts of you blowing money in Las Vegas a week before your divorce proceedings, this could seriously undermine your chances of getting the best arrangement possible for division of assets. It could also create suspicion that you are intentionally wasting money so there is less to divide for your ex - a very serious offense.
  • Spousal support and child support: Similar to division of assets issues, if you put up posts of yourself spending wildly or other questionable behaviors, you could lose out on the best spousal and child support orders possible.

In general, the best advice is to avoid posting on social media altogether in the months preceding a divorce and throughout the divorce process. However, for most people in 2017, this is almost impossible, so please do be careful about what you post. The stakes are too high to risk it with a thoughtless social media post.

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