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Divorce mediation helps you work through areas of contention in your divorce without a breakdown in communication. Mediation covers a number of issues including the distribution of property, child custody and parenting time, spousal and child support, retirement and taxes.

Is a mediator biased?

A mediator is a third party who has no obligation toward seeing either party come out on top in a divorce. That means that, as a neutral party, this person can give advice and help a couple work out an arrangement that works for them.

Can mediators give advice to individuals?

Although a mediator can give advice, it must be neutral advice. What this means is that it can't be biased toward one person or another. Instead, the mediator may refer to laws or different scenarios that might have worked for others in the past. Generally speaking, the mediator helps the couple come up with their own ideas on how to resolve conflicts. Together, they come up with a solution that benefits them both.

How long does the mediation process take, and is it worth the cost?

Pre-decree divorce mediation typically takes between four and 10 sessions to complete. How long it takes varies widely depending on how the couple works together. If one or both parties refuses to communicate or negotiate, then it can make mediation sessions last much longer. In 2005, an average mediated case cost $3,000 and was settled in 90 days, while an average litigated case cost $15,000 over the course of 18 months.

Divorce mediation is just one type of assistance you can use. Your attorney can help you understand all the possible ways to negotiate your divorce.

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