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Instead of allowing emotions to control your divorce, consider this: If you approach it as a business arrangement, you can negotiate for what's best for your future and get the most out of this hurtful situation. While it can be tempting to sink to a lower level and drag out a divorce out of spite, emotions really do get in the way of making good decisions moving forward.

One of the first things to understand is that both parties can walk away satisfied, or at least not completely unhappy, if they approach the divorce from a business standpoint and are willing to negotiate. If you are both solution-driven, then you won't focus too long on any one part of the divorce, which helps you get through it faster.

If you want to fight throughout your divorce, you may end up having to take it to court where a judge determines your settlements and makes other decisions for you. This isn't a great idea for most people, because they no longer have a say in what happens, and their private business is made public.

Instead of heading to trial, consider going to mediation to work through your negotiations. Or, go through collaborative divorce meetings where you meet together with your attorneys to make progress on your negotiations. Cooperative divorce is also possible; it's when you and your spouse work with your attorneys to come up with settlements and work together until one can be finalized that works well for both parties. Any of these options might work for you, and in turn, save you time and money.

Source: Smart Business, "Navigating divorce by using a business mindset," Mark Scott, Jan. 01, 2017

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