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Mediation can be a helpful way for you and your spouse to work through important parts of your divorce without having a breakdown in communication. It gives you a chance to negotiate in a less stressful environment than the court itself, so you can focus on what's important.

Can mediation really be the answer to breaking down boundaries?

When it comes to arguments about child support, property division or other concerns, mediation certainly can make a difference. There are two types, with Alternative Dispute Resolution being popular. This form of mediation gives you more control and options than if you proceed with litigation alone. It gives you a chance to negotiate with the other party and to have a third-party mediator present to help during disputes. The third-party mediator often knows about the law and can provide guidance on what to expect if you take your case to court.

The third-party mediator is a neutral party and has no bias toward either person being successful in court. The mediator's goal is to help you and your spouse work through any difficult parts of your divorce to come to a mutually agreeable settlement that you can work with in the future.

Mediation sessions could result in agreements, but you should know that they aren't legally binding unless you specifically ask for that to be the case. Mediation is friendly and informal, using techniques to help you get through difficult decisions without the adversarial tone you might find in a court room. Although it may take time to be able to work together with your spouse, mediation helps you come to arrangements you both agree on, which is better than letting the court decide your fate.

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