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If you don't want to go to trial to work through your divorce in the eye of the court and public, another option is to go through divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can work for couples who struggle to work together and for those who have just a few contested issues. Mediation is faster, less expensive and calms down emotions in contentious situations.

So, why does mediation work? Some believe it's because both parties finally get heard. They can air everything they want to say, say what they want out of the divorce and what they aren't willing to give up. The mediator can give them good advice on what to expect and work as a neutral party to get to a solution that is fair.

A mediator's job isn't to work for one person or the other. The mediator looks at the situation and hears both sides before leading them to solutions that work for them. They may provide advice, legal information or other valuable input. Having a mediator present with both parties together can help calm emotions, since there is not only a third party present but also one who has dealt with this kind of situation before.

A mediator who listens to you and your spouse, validates you and your spouse and emphasizes with both of you is good. This is a neutral party, so he or she should be seeing the value of both your concerns, wants and needs. The mediator gathers information to help you resolve conflict, the end goal for any party's divorce. Our website has more information about working with a mediator, so you can get started.

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