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Breaking up with someone is difficult at the best of times, but during the holidays, the pain of a recent breakup can be truly devastating. Going to holiday parties and seeing friends and family members without your once-significant other can weigh on you, and it can show.

A divorce or breakup can lead to chronic stress and the release of cortisol that causes you to become tired or feel out of control. It can make it hard to sleep, which means you're more likely to become upset or aggressive than if you had enough sleep overnight.

You might also suffer more from common colds and illnesses after a breakup, because your immune system becomes suppressed when cortisol is released. Divorce is innately negative, which means you could also find yourself grappling with depression or anxiety alongside your latest illness. Focus on taking time for yourself and even pampering yourself to get through this. If you feel too tired to go to a holiday event, it's okay to bow out.

Another concern that might strike you is a sense of loss of identity. If you were in a close relationship, you may have started relying on your significant other as part of your personality, in a way. You may not be sure who you are without him or her anymore. Take this time as a time to relearn about yourself and to grow. You can start a new hobby or work on meeting new people. This is only the beginning of a new life in the future. After you settle your divorce, you'll be free to pursue other individuals who may share these new passions with you.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Breaking Up: 7 Ways A Split Can Affect Your Physical And Mental Health," Carolyn Gregoire, accessed Dec. 08, 2016

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