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Student loans a factor in any divorce

If you're considering getting a divorce and have student loans, you're probably wondering about how those are going to be split between you and your spouse. Those types of debts, along with other shared debts, can quickly become a concern if they weren't to further your own education. Will you get stuck footing the bill?

Divorce mediation works: You can resolve conflicts

If you don't want to go to trial to work through your divorce in the eye of the court and public, another option is to go through divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can work for couples who struggle to work together and for those who have just a few contested issues. Mediation is faster, less expensive and calms down emotions in contentious situations.

A breakup can break you, but taking time for yourself can help

Breaking up with someone is difficult at the best of times, but during the holidays, the pain of a recent breakup can be truly devastating. Going to holiday parties and seeing friends and family members without your once-significant other can weigh on you, and it can show.

Confronting and altering your confrontation style

If you have been following our blog, you know the significance of establishing effective communication strategies; falling into the habit of sparring with your partner rather than searching for the underlying reason for the discord can establish a pattern that is hard to break. Should the habit develop into a permanent conversation style and serve as one reason for divorce, this method of handling disagreement will not dissipate upon filing for separation.

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