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Child custody agreements in North Carolina are often complex. They have to deal with a great many issues and do so in a manner that fosters the best interests of the child. The custody and visitation plan will allocate the physical and legal custody of the child between the two parents.

Physical custody describes where the child will spend his or her time. In some cases, it may be possible to structure a plan that allows for an almost equal split of time between parents. However, for this to work, the parents must live fairly close to each other and in close proximity to the child's school.

The child also needs to be capable of dealing with the amount of movement between both households for this to work. Both parents also need to have jobs that permit the necessary flexibility for them to care for their child under this scenario. If one parent works overnight or travels for weeks at a time for work, such a plan is likely to be unworkable.

Legal custody involves the decision-making responsibility for the child. In many custody plans, this is allocated on a shared basis, with each parent having input in the school, religious upbringing, medical care decisions and other important elements that will shape the child's development.

Children have been found to do best and thrive when both parents are involved and are positive and supportive of the children. One way to demonstrate this is to create a custody arrangement that minimizes the likelihood of conflict between the parents.

Maintaining civil and businesslike relations with your child's other parent will greatly help your child adjust to life after divorce and help to reduce the anxiety and stress that results from contentious parental relations.

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