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Modern couples are more commonly choosing mediation over divorce. Mediation is when an attorney guides communication between a separating couple. The attorney ensures that each party has time to speak. They also ask follow-up questions so that everyone is on the same page. The attorney will not tell you what to do but can offer legal advice when asked. As mediation grows in popularity people are realizing the benefits to this more civil and cost-effective method.

Mediation is a more civil process

Mediation can save separating couples from a lot of anger and exposure. There is no cross-examination or testimony, which happens often during a regular divorce. Cross-examinations can be stressful and frustrating. You have to review your answers and outcomes, knowing that the other party is against you. Testimony from friends and neighbors can also happen during divorce proceedings. These interviews can cause embarrassment and unnecessary pain.

Mediation is just between you, your spouse, and your attorney. Each party can be in a separate room to talk with the mediator alone. In divorce you might go through arbitration where a lawyer hears testimony and make a final decision that you both must agree to. In mediation no one is forced into decisions; the mediator's goal is to get you both to agree on ideas.

Mediation will save you money and time

Mediation is surprisingly cost-effective in comparison with divorce. The process itself is less expensive and since both parties are working to agree on stipulations it could save one partner from getting stuck with an unfair financial outcome.

This more informal process will also save you time. Courts are often backed up which can lead to a long wait time. The mediation process can be scheduled quickly and typically takes a lot less time than divorce. The process works well for people who are able to communicate with their separating partner. If you and your partner cannot talk to each other, or you think that they are hiding assets, then mediation might not be right for you.

Even if communication is not easy between you both an attorney can still help guide your communication. After a few meetings the attorney will draft an agreement for you to review and sign. An experienced attorney will make sure that both parties can walk away from the agreement satisfied.


I knew nothing about divorce mediation before reading this article. It was interesting to learn that divorce mediation can help t ensure that communication is a priority for both parties. I hope this article can help me to ensure that my kids are well taken care of if I ever go through a divorce.

I really like how you mention that mediation can save separating couples from a lot of anger and exposure. My brother and his wife got a divorce a year ago and they didn't even try to fix or work through any of their problems. I bet if they had tried going to mediation, they would have at least been able to end things amicably or even have stayed married.

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