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Family law matters are some of the most personal legal matters that a person will have to deal with. When the issue at hand is your child, you likely have some ideas about what you want the outcome of a custody case to be. When we work with you on a child custody matter, we take your wishes into account and try to find solutions that put your child first.

There are a variety of different child custody issues that can come up when a child's parents aren't in a relationship any longer. You and your ex might not be able to agree on a visitation schedule. The upcoming holiday schedules might be causing more stress than normal. Maybe you don't think that your child's current education plan is suitable, but your ex doesn't want to change it.

In all of those cases, you can turn to mediation to try to work out a solution. We understand that you might not feel up to dealing with your ex any longer. That is understandable, especially when you consider that there is a rift large enough that it led the two of you to split up. When you opt to use mediation, you can work with a mediator to work through topics. Having this third-party working with you and your ex can often help to get things resolved.

When you can't come to an agreement on the issues at hand, it might be necessary to go to trial so that the court can determine what is going to happen. We can help you prepare your case for the trial if that is the only way to resolve the dispute.

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