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Mediation can often lead to child custody dispute resolution

Family law matters are some of the most personal legal matters that a person will have to deal with. When the issue at hand is your child, you likely have some ideas about what you want the outcome of a custody case to be. When we work with you on a child custody matter, we take your wishes into account and try to find solutions that put your child first.

Tips for making a parenting plan that works

Parenting plans are tricky and child custody issues cause a lot of stress for divorced parents. It doesn't have to be this way, though. If you really want to focus on reducing stress and giving your child the best possible life after the split, you need to create a parenting plan that actually works. Here are some tips that will help.

The benefits of choosing divorce mediation

Modern couples are more commonly choosing mediation over divorce. Mediation is when an attorney guides communication between a separating couple. The attorney ensures that each party has time to speak. They also ask follow-up questions so that everyone is on the same page. The attorney will not tell you what to do but can offer legal advice when asked. As mediation grows in popularity people are realizing the benefits to this more civil and cost-effective method.

What will your child custody plan look like?

Child custody agreements in North Carolina are often complex. They have to deal with a great many issues and do so in a manner that fosters the best interests of the child. The custody and visitation plan will allocate the physical and legal custody of the child between the two parents.

When arguments with one's spouse seem unending

It’s something many married couples can encounter, that feeling that they just can’t stop arguing. Now, arguments in themselves aren’t necessarily a bad thing in a marriage. Occasional arguments are a normal part of a healthy relationship. However, when arguments cease being just an occasional thing, but rather an omnipresent thing in a relationship, it can cause real trouble. It can put significant strain on a married couple’s relationship, perhaps even causing the relationship to no longer be able to go on.

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