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For many people facing a divorce, one of the most important concerns is the prospect of litigation. Even in contentious divorces, the idea of hashing out all of the issues in front of a judge in a public setting is not something most people look forward to facing.

However, even more important than the public, contentious nature of traditional divorce litigation is the idea that a judge can make binding decisions about the important decisions impacting the family going forward. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Retain Control of Your Divorce

One of the best ways to retain control over your divorce is to use the mediation process effectively.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process by which disputing parties can find resolution. In the context of divorces, mediation involves both divorcing spouses coming together - each represented by his or her own attorney - with the help of a neutral facilitator to discuss the issues involved and come to agreement as to how these issues will be resolved.

The Benefits of Retaining Control

There are many benefits to mediation, of course, but one of the most important is retaining control.

  • Retaining control of the process: The ability to schedule mediation sessions that work for you rather than on the timetable of the court is a tremendous benefit to many divorcing couples.
  • Protecting your children: This is a key area of control for divorcing couples who have children. In the traditional divorce process, the children are often caught in the middle of contentious battles between their parents. Mediation offers parents the opportunity to keep their kids out of the disputes and protect them from the emotional challenges involved.
  • Retaining control of the outcome: Every family is unique, with individualized needs and factors that will impact issues like custody, visitation schedules and other important divorce-related disputes. In many cases, a judge will simply not have the time to really understand a family's individual situation, and will thus often make decisions that just don't work that well for a family. Mediation allows you to agree on issues in a way that will work for your family going forward.

If you want to retain control of your divorce through mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation in North Carolina, talk with an experienced attorney. Working with a lawyer who has experience both representing individual clients in mediation and serving as a neutral mediation facilitator can give you the best chances of retaining control in your divorce and getting a favorable outcome.

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