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Can mediation turn a contentious divorce into an uncontested one?

It's very common for divorcing couples to disagree on key aspects of a divorce. Issues often crop up around emotional topics like asset division, fault and child custody, support and visitation. You may feel like these issues can't possibly get resolved, and that a messy, court-based divorce is inevitable.

Truthfully, if you and your spouse can still communicate and are willing to try to compromise, mediation could be an alternative. Unlike divorce court, mediation empowers both spouses to have equal control over the outcome of the divorce. More importantly, it can lay the foundation for a functional and healthy co-parenting relationship after the divorce gets finalized.

How will North Carolina's alimony laws affect you?

Getting divorced can seem like a journey into the great unknown. A combination of legal complexity and social stigmas imbue separations with an air of uncertainty, so it's critical to educate yourself. Here's everything that you should know about how alimony works in North Carolina. 

Family law, child custody and taking a vacation

Are you interested in taking your child on vacation this summer? If so, and you are divorced, you need to understand what you are and are not permitted to do. After all, you don't want to make a mistake that could upset the other parent or land you in trouble with the court.

First things first. Check on any agreements or restrictions that may be in place. For example, there may be a provision about where you can take the child for vacation. An example of this would be a provision stating that you are only allowed to travel within the United States.

Gifts, inheritances and the divorce process

Did you know that approximately 50 percent of all American marriages eventually end in divorce? With this in mind, property that once belonged to one person may be divided during the divorce process.

Because of this, you need to become familiar with the ways to protect gifts and inheritances during your marriage and potential divorce.

Why divorce mediation is a good thing

Even if you are looking forward to your divorce, it's safe to assume that facing off against your former spouse in court will bring some anxiety to your life.

Fortunately, litigation is not your only option. With divorce mediation, you can avoid the court system altogether. Instead, you work one-on-one with your former partner to work through the details of your divorce.

How the payment of child support comes about

As you move through the divorce process, you may find yourself discussing matters of child support at some point. Payment of child support typically comes about in one of the following ways:

-- It is agreed upon by both individuals during informal negotiations, such as mediation

An amicable divorce is possible

Many people hear the phrase "amicable divorce" and assume that it would never work for them. Instead, these couples prepare to do battle in court.

While there are times when litigation is the only option, this isn't the path you have to go down. Instead, you and your former spouse may be able to benefit from collaborative divorce.

It’s important to understand child support guidelines

As you move through the divorce process, you will have many questions about what the future will bring. For example, you may be concerned about paying or receiving child support.

With this in mind, it's important to understand the child support guidelines in your state. For example, the guidelines in North Carolina and South Carolina are not identical.

Five reasons why a prenuptial agreement is a good idea

Cupid’s arrow has hit its mark, the world is bright and beautiful, and all you see are hearts and flowers. You’re in love. You can’t imagine anything going wrong. And you just know that you’re going to live together happily ever after. Bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement seems hurtful and unnecessary. But is it?

While it may not be the most romantic thing to discuss, prenuptial agreements are there to protect both parties. And they come into play, not just in the case of divorce, but also upon the death of a spouse. In either case, assets need to be divided, and an already-in-place agreement can facilitate this. Why is a prenup a good idea?

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