Termination of parental rights cases is challenging and emotionally difficult. The requirements of North Carolina for such terminations are understandably very strict. Such cases involve balancing the rights of parents with the needs of the children, and the emotions are usually high for everyone involved.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we understand what the courts require in these types of cases. Our attorneys have provided representation to parents in such matters and to parties seeking to have the parental rights terminated in Winston-Salem and throughout the North Carolina Triad. Our law firm has a strong reputation for skilled and compassionate handling of all types of family law matters.

Lawyers Providing Needed Advice And Understanding

North Carolina requires every parent to care for their child and provide emotional and financial support. When allegations arise that there has been abuse, neglect, abandonment or nonsupport of a child, then termination of parental rights cases often arises. Those seeking terminations are often grandparents or stepparents hoping to adopt the child. Without the parent's consent to terminate their rights, there must be grounds for the termination to take place and a demonstration that such a termination will be in the best interests of the child.

When you consult with one of our attorneys, we first learn everything we can about your situation. We understand what you are going through and know the extreme importance of such matters. By listening to your concerns and reviewing the evidence at hand, we can let you know about the merits of your case and the chances for success. We will provide a straightforward assessment and, in some instances, tell you what you may not wish to hear. But when we provide representation in court, we will fight for your rights and for the needs of the child.

Establishing The Best Interests Of The Child

In every aspect of our family law practice, our attorneys deal with the needs of children. Besides regularly addressing issues regarding child custody, visitation, child support and adoption during the course of her practice, attorney Jennifer K. Payne also serves as a court-appointed guardian ad litem while providing representation for the interests of children in the courtroom.

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