Divorce can be an extremely challenging event. Even those divorces where everything goes as smoothly as could be hoped, the emotional turmoil can be significant. When using mediation instead of traditional divorce litigation, many divorcing couples have found a much simpler, less emotionally challenging approach.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we serve clients in Winston-Salem and throughout the Triad area of North Carolina in all types of divorce matters. In our many years of experience, our lawyers have found that mediation can be a tremendously beneficial option for divorcing couples.

Mediation can help you personally by:

  • Reducing the stress involved with the process: By reducing court time and costs, as well as legal fees, mediation can make the entire process much less stress free.
  • Minimizing the contentious nature of the proceedings: By its very nature, our legal process is contentious: two sides argue their positions to see who "wins" and who "loses." Mediation circumvents this all-or-nothing approach and allows the divorcing couples to collaboratively find solutions that will work for them in a much less stressful environment.
  • Protecting your children: The mediation process is better for adults; it's much better for the children. Mediation creates a more private environment that will keep your kids from having to watch their parents split up.
  • Protecting your financial interests: Working through the details of property division in mediation allows you to prioritize the things that are most important to you, rather than having things split up in an impersonal manner. You can negotiate for the things that really matter and protect your interests.

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