The children: for almost every divorcing parent, their children are the most important consideration and the source of their greatest worry. Not only are divorcing parents concerned about the future (where their children will live and how they will receive the financial provision they need) but also the process itself is a source of concern.

While traditional litigation can be a traumatic experience for kids as they watch their parents fight over every issue in the courtroom, divorce does not have to be this stressful for children.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we have helped many North Carolina clients go through the divorce process in a much simpler, less contentious manner. Serving clients in Winston-Salem and throughout the Triad, we know how difficult divorce can be for children. One of the most important ways we help protect our clients' kids in the divorce process is through mediation.

Mediation can help protect your children in a number of important ways.

  • Reducing stress for the parents: We know that children often "absorb" the stress that their parents experience. Divorce is stressful enough without the process adding to that stress. Mediation allows for a more efficient, simple and amicable approach that really minimizes the stress for divorcing couples. By minimizing the stress on the parents, the kids also experience less stress.
  • Keeping the difficult decisions and issues private: In the traditional courtroom setting, the children often see their parents fighting over the issues in the courtroom with attorneys present and a judge presiding. These are stark images for children, images that stay in their memories for years. Mediation allows you to tackle the most complex issues in private, with only the spouses, the attorneys and the neutral present.
  • Retaining control over the future: In divorce litigation, a judge will make the final determination on support and custody matters. This approach ultimately leaves the final control in the hands of someone who doesn't know you or your children. Mediation allows you to negotiate the details of your parent plan and the child support arrangements in a way that best protects your children's future.

Attorney Jennifer Payne is a Certified Family Financial Mediator and experienced guardian ad litem. Through these two roles, she has gained unique experience in all matters relating to children. This knowledge and experience is a tremendous benefit, whether you choose our firm to represent you in mediation or we provide you with a neutral to facilitate your mediation sessions.

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