Is Mediation Right For You?

The legal process is one of the most common concerns for people considering divorce. In addition to the expense and time involved the traditional divorce process, many people have very real concerns about the personal stress and the challenges traditional divorce litigation can have on the children.

The image of standing opposed to someone you've spent a significant portion of your life with, as both of your attorneys fight it out in a public courtroom, all in full view of the children: This is an image many people facing divorce are unwilling to accept. Consider mediation as a possible alternative that could save you time, money and significant stress.

Talk with a lawyer from our firm. At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we focus on providing mediation solutions for divorce and other family law matters. Serving clients in Winston-Salem and throughout the Triad of North Carolina, we can provide you with legal representation in divorce mediation or provide a neutral facilitator for mediation sessions.

Attorney Jennifer Payne is a Certified Family Financial Mediator with a strong background in making mediation work in a number of different situations.

Why Choose Mediation?

Although every case is different, most people find that mediation can:

  • Save you time and money: The courts are often backed up, causing significant wait times to get a divorce case heard. The legal fees are also greater in litigation than in mediation.
  • Protect you personally: In addition to the time and money savings, mediation provides a more amicable, collaborative approach to deciding on parenting plans, property division issues and other disputes that often arise in the context of divorce.
  • Protect your children: One of the most tragic aspects of the divorce process is the toll it can take on the children who witness their parents fighting these issues out in the courtroom. Mediation is a much more private setting that will shield your children from this.

Perhaps the most important thing about mediation is that you are the one deciding. You and your spouse will be able to come to agreement on the various divorce issues in a way that will best serve your needs. Whereas a judge in a traditional litigation context won't care as much as you do and will hand down a ruling that may not serve your needs as well.

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