Divorce sometimes is a lengthy process resulting in a series of orders, stipulations and agreements. However, after months of working toward resolution of contested issues, parties often decide to ignore family court orders and agreements. Besides causing unnecessary frustration, this often results in the needs of the family and children not being met.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we can help you enforce family law orders and agreements. We have a wealth of experience serving clients throughout the Triad from our office in Winston-Salem. Talk with an attorney from our firm today. We are here to help you.

The services we provide for the enforcement of orders and agreements therefore are invaluable. Our attorneys understand the remedies that North Carolina law provides. We also have substantial experience in utilizing those remedies to enforce existing orders.

Lawyers Understanding The Enforcement Process

Since our attorneys are willing to take enforcement matters to court, there can be a much greater willingness of other parties to follow through on their court-ordered obligations. Whether it is through the civil or criminal court, we understand how to carry out actions for contempt. Our attorneys know the rules of court and how to aggressively argue in court on your behalf.

We provide representation in enforcement actions when:

  • Parties owe back child support or alimony
  • The other parent fails to abide by visitation agreements and otherwise prevents you from visiting your children
  • Parties fail to abide by no-contact orders
  • A decision is made to relocate a child without the other parent's permission
  • A party fails to follow through with an order or agreement for property division

Our lawyers explain the various enforcement options available to you. We have the resources to garnish wages and place liens on property. When necessary, we move for sanctions forcing parties to comply with all orders.

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