Every good parent cares about the well-being of their children. Unfortunately, when one parent fails to fulfill their obligations, the other parent bears the burden of providing all of the emotional and financial support.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we work with both parents in coming to an agreement that is fair. With a wealth of experience handling a range of family law matters in Winston-Salem and throughout the Triad of North Carolina, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you. While we make every effort to resolve child support disputes through negotiation, we are comfortable taking your matter to court to resolve the matter.

Lawyers Skilled At Resolving Your Child Support Issue

Child support disputes are common. As courts increasingly ask parties to take a more active role in resolving child support disputes, family law judges often order that the parties resolve such matters through alternative dispute resolution.

We are comfortable in resolving child dispute matters in a number of ways, including through alternative dispute resolution methods. Our attorneys also routinely resolve child support disputes through negotiation, litigation and, in many instances, mediation.

We understand how to enforce or modify child support orders. Our attorneys petition courts in making certain that current orders accurately reflect the needs of all parties. We also understand the enforcement mechanisms available regarding child support obligations.

Understanding Child Support Guidelines

The most important aspect regarding child support guidelines concerns meeting the reasonable needs of the children. North Carolina has in place child support guidelines providing courts guidance on the amount of support to award during child support hearings. These are only general guidelines, however. The actual amount that the courts will award depends on a number of individual circumstances relating to the child's needs and if your case falls outside of the guidelines, we will ensure that the actual needs and expenses of your children are taken into account when your child support liability is being determined.

Our attorneys understand all of the intricacies regarding the guidelines and the kind of evidence that will sway courts. We make this information clear to you while we review with you all of your options.

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