No one enters into custody and visitation disputes lightly. This is one of the most important aspects of a divorce or separation. The time and opportunity needed to maintain a healthy relationship with your child is at stake, so make sure you work with a lawyer you can trust to get the results you need.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we handle every sort of child custody and visitation dispute, as well as other family law matters. Besides providing representation at child custody hearings, we also step in when grandparents seek visitation rights regarding a grandchild or when one parent wishes to relocate the child out of state. From our office in Winston-Salem, we represent clients throughout the Triad.

Lawyers Representing Your Rights And The Rights Of Children

Under North Carolina law, all parents have specific obligations and rights when it comes to their children. Our representation of you in child custody or visitation hearings ensures that those rights are taken into account.

We represent parents during initial child custody determinations and when changed circumstances arise. In the event a parent wishes to relocate to seek other job opportunities, we revisit court orders pertaining to child custody. Should one of the parents fail to abide by existing court orders, we know the avenues to pursue in enforcing the existing order. We are effective negotiators and litigators, and this helps us to achieve favorable resolutions for all whom we represent.

We are adamant about working toward what is in the best interests of the children. Besides serving as a court-appointed guardian ad litem, attorney Jennifer K. Payne helps prospective parents adopt children who need a home, or to terminate the rights of a parent who is not fulfilling his or her obligations under the law. These additional skill sets mean that your child custody case will be given the utmost attention and respect.

Child Custody And Visitation Legal Representation

Payne & Associates, PLLC, in Winston-Salem, regularly handles the most complex of child custody and visitation cases. To arrange for an initial consultation and speak about your child custody or visitation matter to an experienced family law attorney, please contact our law firm by calling 336-283-2937.

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