North Carolina allows for payments of alimony and post-separation support when one of the spouses is in need of support during periods of separation or when a marriage ends. These sorts of cases are challenging, however. There are many instances when household income is insufficient to support two separate families. And in certain circumstances, income of a self-employed spouse may remain unreported and thus never used in making support payment calculations.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, in Winston-Salem, our attorneys understand finances and the level of support that courts will find acceptable. With a wealth of experience handling a range of divorce and family law matters for clients throughout North Carolina's Triad area, we can help you through every step of your case. We review those parties' incomes and financial needs, and know how to demonstrate the amount of support that would be suitable. We also have access to resources who can analyze the most complex of financial data.

Determining What Level Of Support Is Sufficient

Courts look at a variety of factors in deciding the appropriate level of alimony or post-separation support. This includes examining:

  • The earning capacity for each spouse
  • The necessary time period for the recipient to be able to enter the workforce
  • The age, health and education of the two spouses
  • The debt levels for each spouse
  • The standard of living for the two spouses while they were married
  • The role of each spouse in maintaining the home and caring for the family
  • Examining whether temporary or permanent support is required

We are powerful advocates, and know how to establish whether alimony or post-separation support is appropriate. Our lawyers are strong litigators, have provided past representation of both recipients and payers of spousal support, and thoroughly understand the North Carolina family court process.

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