While adoptions may be challenging, there is probably no greater contribution any family provides than when deciding to adopt a child. However, adoption is not a simple process as it often involves compliance with both state and federal laws. A high level of attention to detail is therefore required for an adoption to be successfully completed.

The attorneys at Payne & Associates, PLLC, in Winston-Salem, have provided legal representation for prospective parents in a wide variety of adoption cases. We understand the agency adoption process, and also the direct placement adoption process where one or both biological parents place the child with another set of parents. Our firm often represents stepparents and grandparents who wish to establish their legal rights to parent a child. We can also help you with difficult foreign re-adoptions. Whatever the circumstances, our experience and knowledge can benefit you.

Experienced Legal Representation During A Contested Adoption

It is sometimes necessary to take the child away from a biological parent in order to meet the needs of the child. While this is often difficult to accomplish, it's important to remember that an adoption is still possible even when the biological parent does not consent to it.

Our lawyers work closely with the North Carolina Division of Social Services and Child Protective Services in aggressively assuring the needs of the child are met. We also understand the process for terminating the rights of parents so that prospective parents can step in and legally adopt the child.

Attorney Jennifer Payne has extensive experience serving as a guardian ad litem. This experience helps our firm understand all of the nuances of adoptions and termination of parental rights cases. We can help protect your rights and your child's interests.

Straightforward Guidance Regarding Your Adoption Matter

While adoption can be an extremely rewarding experience, it does require a high level of commitment and sacrifice. The advice and guidance we provide help you understand the challenges you will face during the adoption process and after completion of the adoption occurs.

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