Entering into a divorce is no simple matter. In addition to the challenges involved with the legal process itself, you could have concerns regarding child custody and support, the distribution of assets and other related matters. Make sure you work with a lawyer you can trust to help you find divorce solutions that will meet your needs.

Attorney Jennifer K. Payne and our entire team are passionate about providing family law representation tailored to our clients' needs. Our attorneys deliver experienced, compassionate, aggressive and results-oriented advocacy in every family law matter. We are especially proud of the services we provide in helping Winston-Salem children who are at the center of family law disputes.

Attention To Your Needs From Skilled Family Law Lawyers

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we get to know your needs and desires, and we provide a straightforward assessment regarding the likely outcome of your divorce or other family law matter. We pursue the actions necessary to achieve your goals and do all we can to help individuals through stressful circumstances.

We will protect your current financial interests in the division of assets, and we will help make sure your future financial is protected in the alimony and post-separation support components of the divorce.

Caring For The Children

We always take great care to help our clients proceed in a way that will protect the children in the process and provide them with the best care possible after the divorce is finalized.

One key aspect of this involves the child custody and visitation aspects of the divorce. We will help you create a parenting plan that will work for your kids. We also help clients with stepparent and direct placement adoption services.

As a guardian ad litem, attorney Jennifer Payne has the knowledge and experience to make sure the children involved receive the care they need.


For many clients, mediation is a much more effective approach than traditional litigation, providing a more efficient, effective and affordable approach to the divorce proceedings. The greatest benefit of mediation is that the divorcing parties retain a much greater degree of control over the process and the outcome. Attorney Jennifer Payne is a Certified Family Financial Mediator. She can represent your interests in mediation or serve as a neutral facilitator in your divorce.

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