North Carolina courts take accusations of domestic violence seriously. The commission of domestic violence harms the physical, mental and emotional well-being of everyone associated with the family. Victims of domestic violence need a safety plan in place to prevent future domestic violence from continuing. They also need assistance to deal with the physical and emotional scarring.

On the other hand, the false allegations of domestic violence destroy relationships, families and reputations. The penalties can include restraining orders and no-contact orders pertaining to one's children and family, as well as criminal punishments such as fines and imprisonment.

At Payne & Associates, PLLC, we understand the turmoil you and your loved ones are going through in dealing with domestic violence matters. We thoroughly investigate such matters and discuss your options. Our attorneys will be there for you through all administrative and court hearings to make certain that your rights are protected.

Domestic Violence And The Law

Under North Carolina law, domestic violence means the commission of any number of violent acts upon another individual with whom one is having a personal relationship. It also includes violent acts upon a minor child in that person's custody.

Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes governs domestic violence. Oftentimes, you will hear people referring to a "50B" which means a restraining order between two persons that have been in a personal relationship. Chapter 50C governs no-contact orders where individuals do not have a personal relationship and there has been continuous harassment, stalking or nonconsensual sexual conduct. These types of orders typically last for one year.

Our lawyers understand the language of these laws and how to use 50B Protective Orders ("50Bs") and 50C ("50Cs") no-contact order to put a stop to domestic violence. We also know how to put the law on your side in the event you are facing false domestic violence allegations.

Having The Available Resources To Help You

Our attorneys work with investigators to help find out exactly what occurred. We also have access to social workers, counselors, chemical dependency specialists and medical staff to help you deal with issues of domestic violence.

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